The Ultimate Luxury Bunker For The End Of The World

Psuedo-archaeologists, conspiracy theorists and plain-old’ believers around the globe concoct different ideas every day on what will meet us at the end of times. A massive fireball hurtling through space? A tidal wave that will flood us in, sort of like Noah and his ark? FX’s American Horror Story have already started raising the question with their latest season.

In the series, military carnage forces a group of survivors (millionaires and ‘pure blood’s’) to an outpost where they are forced to work together to take down the Antichrist, Michael Langdon. It seems important to mention that most of the characters on the show bought their freedom. Will we too need to reach into our pockets to secure our seat with the other survivors?

A bunker in an unspecified corner of Kansas in the United States opened its doors to the public for the first time to grab a room for when the time comes. The bunker (one of twelve units) is an abandoned missile silo, built in the 60’s during the Cuban missile crisis. With nine-feet tall walls, the bunker (that may soon save your life) is quite sturdy and features multiple separate areas; a decontamination room upon entry, a jail cell, a movie theatre, penthouses, a kitchen, two levels of hydroponic farms and a living quarters for long stays. The inside of the bunker is surprisingly modern, and has all your homely-requirements.

The kitchen contains food and drink that will last you up to five years, with cooking facilities powered into the bunker by the same battery used in a Naval submarine. So you can connect to the Wifi and Snapchat the moment the world ends. And the price for a room on D-day? Try up to $20 million for your survival!