These New Suits Will Completely Refresh Your Look

Suits are like tools, they’re an instrument to get a job done with. Whether it be to turn a few heads, exude confidence during a presentation, or to just plain old make you feel good, suits have their place. But riddle me this, does your toolshed only have one spanner in it? It’s time to fill out that wardrobe. Or the toolshed… I’m getting my analogy confused.

If you’re looking for a new suit to freshen up your wardrobe, look no further than the new Laidlaw + Leeds menswear collection from Farmers. The collection has a range of business ready looks with a selection of tailored fit, French cuff, Herringbone and Jacquard shirts that will give you an understated elegance and a dapper edge.

Laidlaw + Leeds Accessories Collection

If you’re dressing to impress you can pair the comfortable tailored suit jackets with a classic bow tie and suit trousers to really bring out your sophisticated side. If you’ve never tried pulling off the bow tie maybe now is the time to give it a go. They don’t get in the way or flap around as much as your regular tie and the selection is varied enough for there to be something for everyone. Just a word of advice, if you’re going to try and match your bow tie with a pocket square, don’t make them the same colour. Google up a colour wheel and try and choose a complimentary colour, that is to say, colours that are directly opposite each other on the chart.

On the flipside, if you want to go on a date where you don’t want to look like you’re about to close some hard deals, you can go for a smart-casual outfit by matching one of the tailored shirts with a pair of jeans. But please not the ripped or grass stained ones. You aren’t homeless.

Laidlaw + Leeds Long-Sleeve Mini Check Shirt

The label is named after the legendary businessman and Farmers founder Robert Laidlaw. Way back in 1909 Laidlaw established a mail order business called Laidlaw Leeds. Eventually this mail order house would grow and eventually merge with the Farmers’ Union Trading Company in 1917. The rest is history, but style never goes out of fashion.

When you stop through Farmers to grab a couple shirts remember that you can grab two for only $99 (or $69.99 each).

Laidlaw + Leeds Suit Collection