This Restaurant Has Found The Secret To Making Brilliant Food

Every chef knows a brilliant dish starts by using the greatest of ingredients and Nic Watt’s philosophy is simple: “Use fresh local ingredients, enhance the natural flavours of each dish and let the food speak for itself.”

Having searched out and found top quality, passionate, ethical and sustainable producers, you can be sure that every ingredient of your meal at MASU is the best of the best.

Photograph by Babiche Martens

MASU’s highly skilled team of chefs will only use the finest and freshest seafood for their perfectly sliced sashimi, vibrantly flavoured ceviche and flawless sushi.

To produce their world class Japanese cuisine, they only work with the top suppliers in New Zealand.

Get a taste for MASU’s fresh produce by making a booking on their website now.
Photograph by Babiche Martens