Three Enriching Reads

No Limits

By Joanne Black

I found this life story of Craig Heatley very hard to put down. I’ve heard a lot about Craig Heatley, but as I was a teenager in the 80’s, my focus then was on the music & fun, rather than the titans of New Zealand business. Some really good insight into how building New Zealand’s biggest media company Sky TV was no walk in the park, in fact I don’t think many people could go through what he did. Great inspiration as you plan your 2019.

Past Tense

By Lee Child

Jack Reacher. Arrogant. Funny. Action. A must for the Christmas holiday reading pile.


A Sign of Light

By Jamie Trower

All poetry needs to rhyme – that’s a fact. When I hear ‘poetry’, I think Dr. Seuss…I think New Zealand’s own, Sam Hunt. I think cigarette-smoking hipsters clicking and talking about their feelings. But after I read A Sign of Light I was pleasantly surprised. Not just because I know the guy, but it’s also (actually) pretty dang good. The poems are poignant, fresh, oftentimes humourous and have that sign that the title promises. It’s a poetry collection – most definitely – but it also has a strong narrative focus, following the story of Birdboy so it can also sit as a novel of sorts. I’d definitely recommend it.

Out: 28 November 2018.