Travel Anywhere in the Planet in Under An Hour… On A Rocket

Elon Musk is like the planets big promiser. If it wasn’t for the fact he has a ton of money to make his dreams become a reality then no one would take him seriously. His ideas are big, ambitious, and only achievable by someone with his sort of resources.

Along with his recent announced plans to colonize Mars Musk also announced that his company Space X is planning to develop rockets that can travel inbetween cities. The difference between his rockets and North Korea’s though is the fact his will be full of commuting businessmen and families.

The rockets have been nicknamed BFR (for Big F****ing Rocket) and will get you just about anywhere on the planet in under an hour. A trip from New York City to Shanghai will take 37 minutes and will max out at speeds of over 27,000 km/h. At that rate it’s going to take you longer to get through immigration than it is to travel half way around the globe.

It’s still a theoretical concept at this point and will be more of a biproduct of their planned trip to mars and the moon.