Ep.71 – Life Advice from The God of Thunder

He might have the voice of a Norse God, but Travis Willingham is such a versatile actor that over the last two decades he has played many of the characters that have shaped current popular culture. His work features in over 150 different video games and animation titles and ranges from Superman in Lego Batman, to Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog, Voltron in Transformers to his work as Thor in Marvel Animation and video games and much, much more. In fact, his credit list is enough to make even the most cynical middle-aged man reach for his controller or sponge hammer and imagine a parallel universe.

Speaking of parallel universes, when Travis isn’t voicing a superhero, he is also a part of the Critical Role series which sees a group of his buddies and fellow professional voice actors play Dungeons & Dragons in front of millions of viewers each episode. We talk to Travis about taking D&D out of the basement into the spotlight, the intersection of interactive and cinematic storytelling and the new Marvel’s Avengers video game.


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