Two Big Thrillers You Need to Read This April


By Sadie Jones

Like a snake, this novel takes all sorts of twists and turns that keep you compelled to read just another couple of pages before you put it down! Great characters and plot. I’m not going to say watch for the twist in the tail… 5 out of 5.


By Robert Goddard

I found Goddard’s story at the back of the book very interesting, he’s from a UK town called Fareham, where I worked for a year about 20 years ago! We may have passed each other on the street or been waiting for a haircut together at the barbers. He tried his hand at journalism, teaching and educational administrator, before discovering his thing as a novelist in 1986. This is his 29th novel. It is different to most novels that come across my desk. I haven’t finished it yet, but it has started off well.