There Are No Simple Tricks In Your Fitness Journey, The Only Way Is Through

It doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness journey (except maybe if you’re only just starting it this new year), there’s a lesson you learn. It comes at the time your detox and new diet have reached a crescendo and you aren’t out of the low energy trough yet. It comes when you’re not sure whether you can beat your old time, or your record number of reps. The only way is through. There aren’t any life hacks or simple tricks that can help you here. You’ve just got to get through it. That’s the message that Under Armour has kicked 2020 off with in their newest global campaign launch.

“Success isn’t proving yourself to others, whether it’s standing on the podium or proving the doubters wrong,” says Michael Phelps, one of the athletes helping tell this story. “It’s about rising to the challenges you set for yourself—satisfying that fundamental urge to see how far you can push yourself, to test the limits of what you can achieve. That’s where true greatness lies.”

Prior to this messaging, Under Armour concentrated on telling the story about the technology improvements of it’s apparel. Now they’ve turned their attention to the people actually using the gear and telling their stories of breaking through and carrying through to their goals. Part of this story will come in the form of podcasts, the first of which is dropping later this month on the 21st. Hosted by New York Times best-selling author and renowned journalist, Cal Fussman, you’ll no doubt get inspired by the stories presented.

“’The Only Way Is Through’ is unlike anything else available right now. Under Armour is providing an avenue for people around the world to learn from those who have achieved at such a high level,” says Cal Fussman.

The sporting and fitness names involved in this project are massive, and all I can say is that I’m excited to see what Under Armour and 2020 brings us.

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