Under The Sea

To experience under the sea is a wonderful thing. Underwater drones have been around for a while. In the August issue of M2, I wrote on the Power Vision underwater drone with the belief that nothing could get cooler than that product. The safest and most affordable submersible drone, the BW-Space is the brain-child of Shanghai robotics group, Youcan Robot. Based in Los Angeles, the BW-Space was shipped out into the world last month after its Kickstarter campaign took off. The drone has a 4K/UHD camera and has a crisp picture from under the waves, with three powerful propellers that allows it to move to a depth of 100 metres and have a 500 metre max operating range. It is actually the first ever unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) with auto-adjusting lighting technology and human recognition technology. It has 128 Gigabytes of memory, seven hours of drone battery life and swims like a charm with its Smart Drone technology that allows it to connect to any iOS or Android phone. The underwater drone is available from Youcan website and can be shipped worldwide.