What A Ride

Recently, Qiddiya Investment Company announced their plans for the next big thing to come out of Saudi Arabia. A new theme park, called Six Flags Qiddya, is to be the epicentre of entertainment for a new city that is being built outside of the main financial hub of SA.

It’s set to contain all the thrills, spills and excitement of a conventional theme park, but also offers record-breaking rides and seperate ‘worlds’. These worlds include: the City of Thrills, Discovery Springs, Steam Town, Twilight Gardens, Valley of Fortune and Grand Exposition. Brushing aside the corny names, they are each different with the rides being unique to that world. For example, the City of Thrills will be home to The Falcon’s Flight – the longest, fastest and tallest roller coaster in the world. It’ll also be home to the Sirocco Tower, the world’s tallest drop-tower.

Or the Valley of Fortune that is designed with worn architecture. In the Valley, there’ll be the signature attraction, the Spitfire – a three-launch roller coaster which will toss, turn, flip, stall, dive and duck with some serious throttle power. There’ll also be a hydraulic boom-ride called the Skywatch which gets the riders lifted into the sky and then plummeted back to the valley floor. More rides to be announced!

This action-packed new amusement park is opening in 2023.


Images courtesy of Qiddiya

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