Ep.24 – What Can Landing On An Aircraft Carrier Teach Us About Covid-19?

Win Charlesbois is the co-founder of The Diamond Shop which specialises in handcrafted diamond engagement rings. At one point he was a Navy pilot, landing on and taking off from aircraft carriers, before settling for a slightly slower form of transport in the form of a hand-built sailboat. In 1974, Win and his wife Linda set off from San Francisco on a grand adventure – to travel around the world navigating by traditional sextant. They spent two years cruising through Hawaii, French Polynesia, the Cook Islands, Nuie, and Tonga, before arriving in New Zealand in 1976. Smitten with the Kiwi lifestyle, they decided to stay for good, and as they settled into their new home, they discovered a new passion, jewellery. In a time when many are dealing with the uncertainty of their business or job or even their purpose, it’s nice to be reminded that uncertainty can also be an adventure and an opportunity for something new and positive.



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