Ep.15 – What Losing $600,000 Taught Me

After studying Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering at Massey University, Jasnish worked in the gas, petroleum, pipelines and project estimation industries and even had a stint at a goldmine in Papua New Guinea. But the property bug kept getting bigger and bigger for Jasnish and so after years of buying andf holding property he leaped into the world of developing. Jasnish now lives and breathes property and is across everything from A-Z. You will find him on site liaising with contractors, architects, planners, investors, agents and the team as well as finding new development opportunities which he can turn into beautiful buildings which break the norm. With anything worthwhile through there where the early lessons. Jasnish shares with us the lessons that he learnt after losing $600,000 on his first project and why he didn’t give up.


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