Winter Has Come, Here Are 8 Looks to Get You Through

The cold snap may be upon us, but don’t let that keep you indoors.Whether you’re hitting the slopes, finding your fishing tranquility, or simply rocking up to the bach for some fire time, you’ll be needing the right threads.

Coat, $199 by The Academy Brand from Smith & Caughey’s; Shirt, $145 by R.M.Williams; Sunglasses, $245 by Rayban from Superette; Beanie, $49 by Just Another Fisherman from Superette; Rock The Shack Book, $119 from Mag Nation, Boots, $360 by Timberland.

Kick Off Your Sunday Shoes

Top to bottom – Brown Leather and Khaki Suede Sneaker, both $299 by Working Style; Zeno Sneaker by Garment Project, $300 from Smith & Caughey’s; Cohen White Leather Sneaker, $299 by Working Style.

Into The Woods

Shirt, $109.90 by Huffer from Smith & Caughey’s; Wash bag, $145 by Saturdays NYC; Sunglasses, $329 by Karen Walker; Pocket Knife by Boker, $315 from the House Of Knives; Sneaker, $299 by Working Style; Pant, $109.90 by Huffer from Smith & Caughey’s.

Eat. Sleep. Ride. Repeat

Jacket, $399.99 by The North Face; Bib Pant, $399.99 by The North Face; Gloves, $169.99 by POW; Tan Beanie, $49.99 by Spacecraft – above items available at;
Navy Beanie, $49.95 by Icebreaker; Sunglasses, $475 by Moscot from Slick Willy’s; Sunblock, $27.99 by Sun Bum.

Rock The Boat

Backpack, $270; Cap $62, Sweater, $219, Trainer, $430, Chino, $159 – all Tommy Hilfiger, available at Smith & Caughey’s.

Gone Fishing

Top to bottom – Cattleman Akubra $229, Simpson belt $140, City wallet $140, Craftsman boot $645, all by R.M.Williams.

Boarder Patrol

Snowboard, $759.99 by Burton; Snowboard boot, $399.99 by Burton; Beanie, $39.99 by Spacecraft; Snowboard sock, $49.99 by Burton; Goggles, $399.99 by Smith – above items available at;
Vest, $299.90 by Huffer; Sunblock, $49.99 by Skinnies.

A Close Shave

Brush and Razor Shave Set by Muhle, $156 from; Black Razor, $210 by Boker, Maple safety razor, $154 by Boker, Hair shaper, $39, all from House Of Knives.