Winter Is Already Here

The seven kingdoms of Westeros are full of medieval fable, politics and Ice. Prepare to experience the latter in bucketloads.

I would love to explain the intricacies of the Game of Thrones plot-line, but I would need a whole tome to fit in all the gory details. For those just starting to watch HBO’s series, trust me when I say that you have a lot to catch up on. For those who eagerly anticipated the latest season which started airing last month, well done for sitting-out the grueling wait. When the curtain closes at the end of this season, there’ll be a place for enthusiasts to relive Game of Thrones again and again and again.

Built in collaboration with HBO Nordic, within the Lapland Hotels SnowVillage, the die-hard fans have a place to fully melt themselves away into Westeros. Located 193 km above the Arctic Circle, near Kittilä, a hotel has been carved out of 350,000 kgs of ice and 20 million kgs of snow, themed around Game of Thrones. Professional ice sculptors from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland created the designs on the walls. Large, over-hanging Weirwood trees speckled with blood-red leaves. A huge Direwolf with piercing eyes. Each room tells its own story. Upon entering, the hall is lined with House banners and you can enter the many themed rooms, even one featuring an Iron Throne made completely of ice.

Seeing as temperatures there drop to minus five degrees Celsius, this hotel is, by far, the most chilling and awesome thing ever for die-hard fans. Only a one night stay is recommended for guests. Food’s on offer too, with the local staples including reindeer and Arctic char. The hotel was reopened in December last year and unfortunately closed its doors back up last month, but I’m hoping that the hotel will be re-open again later this year.