In the wake of the Tesla Roadster’s launch last November, XING Mobility took a sip from the same cup in the release of its Miss R electric supercar.

The Taiwanese automotive company, XING Mobility, first started developing electric and vehicle technology and then moved to much bigger (and faster) things. A step into the future of the automotive industry. Starting up in 2015, XING has made quite a name for itself by being the developer of awesome roadsters and really attractive cars. Enter the XING Miss R!

I know…it’s quite an odd name, I admit. Miss R? I Googled and Googled, but there didn’t seem to be an explanation out in cyberspace at all of what the letter means to the car. It’s sort’ve like M from James Bond. You just accept that the name is a cryptic singular letter…a representation of power. Before Miss R came along, XING manufactured and produced car-technology which was released to other electric car developers. Then came the Miss E, the first prototype race car. It has a 350kw electric motor, a horse-power of 400 at 6000rpm and clocks up to 288 to 300km/h depending on configuration. I mean, the Miss E is nice, but the Miss R is a lass I want to get to know on a more personal level.

The Miss R is a new roadster concept that can ramp up from 0 to 100 kilometers in 1.8 sec (that’s a whole .5 second quicker than Rimac’s C_Two which we featured in last months M2 issue). Miss R uses a 1-megawatt battery pack, which gives the prototype vehicle 1.341 horsepower. That power is distributed to four motors of 350V each and lets it do 0-200 kilometers an hour in 5.1 seconds. The Miss R combines that sexy style, powerful speed, luxurious comfort and stellar control to pump out some serious power. It has some serious thrashing power heading down a rough gravel path, taking full advantage of its four-wheel torque vectoring agility.

XING Mobility is already working with commercial and industrial vehicle makers to apply technology from Miss R in city buses, ride-sharing scooters, construction equipment and special-purpose boats! XING’s next plan in the pipeline is the Miss T – a commercial truck with the same XING technology in it. The production of the car will hopefully start later this year. Production of the completed car will be limited to 20 cars, and is expected to cost at least $1 million a unit.