You’d Be Glad

If you’re a man who can afford his own private island, the Gladden Private Island resort is what you’re looking for if you’re after prime privacy from prying eyes.

Located 32km from Placencia in the Caribbean Belize Barrier Reef, the island is a paradise for millionaires who want to escape from the busy thrum of civilization. Toronto-based Vision Properties CEO, David Keener and Private Islands CEO Chris Krolow put their heads together and pieced together this ideal holiday location, labelled by many as the ‘most beautiful place on earth’. The island ensures 100 percent privacy for two to four guests, this 3,000 square-foot villa is kitted out with a dining pavilion, swimming pool, two master bedrooms and two master bathrooms.

Sounds pretty standard, right? But you certainly get more bang for your buck than you might’ve been expecting!

In renting out this villa, you get a whole team of staff ready to cook, clean and cater to you and your guests. They offer snorkeling and diving tours, where you get your own private captain to show you the ideal locations around the Caribbean, and when you return back from your discoveries a chef would’ve cooked you a four-course meal ready upon your arrival. The best part of this villa, though? Stunning panoramic views of crystal-clear, bright blue water. If you have a wad of cash stacked away for a rainy day and fancy a holiday away, Gladden is the place for you.

No man is an island, but every one should own one. An Island. Not a man.